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Hey Dreamland Fans... do I have some exciting news for you.

John Waters is performing his one-man show in New York on Tuesday March 28th and Wednesday March 29th. The show, THIS FILTHY WORLD, is being filmed for future broadcast. Now here's the exciting part...

I have been approached by the organizers of the event to pass on an invitation for my readers to attend one of the performances! Here are the details.


John Waters is performing his incredible one-man show for two nights only in New York on Tuesday March 28th and Wednesday March 29th. The show is being filmed at an historic Lower Eastside Performing Arts Center for future broadcast and you are invited to join the exclusive audience.

THIS FILTHY WORLD is John Water's one-man show, a vaudeville act that celebrates the film career and obsessional tastes of the man William Burroughs once called "The Pope of Trash." Focusing on Water's early negative influences and his fascination with true crime, exploitation films, fashion lunacy and the extremes of the contemporary art world, this joyously devious monologue elevates all that is trashy in life into a call to arms to filth followers everywhere.

You must be available between 7:00PM and 10:30 PM to attend the show and you must live in the New York City area. Tickets are complimentary for this event.

If you are interested in being part of this exclusive free, John Water's show, please email us at johnwaters@broadwayvideo.com with the following information in both the subject line and body of your email:

1. dreamlandnews/your full name
2. your email address (one which will not "spam" out our reply to you.)
3. your phone number(s)
4. 2 tickets is the maximum number we can allow per request
5. Which show you want to attend show 1 - Tuesday, show 2- Wednesday or either show (please note that if you are flexible and can attend either show you are more likely to receive tickets)

Example: BettyBoop/toontart@gmail.com/(212)555-1212/2 tickets/either show

The show will last approximately 3 hours and you must stay with us for the entire taping. The tickets are complimentary.

We will contact you via email or phone with a detailed confirmation if there are tickets available. You should hear from us within a day or two of your request but at latest by Monday, March 27, 2006. Not all requests will receive a response due to the volume of responses, thank you for understanding. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US DUPLICATE REQUESTS THIS IS CONFUSING FOR US. Thanks.

Come join us for a wacky evening of John Waters in his show This Filthy World!

EMAIL johnwaters@broadwayvideo.com

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