John Waters
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END OF THE WORLD is the all-new, fast-moving, comic monologue from John Waters about today's despair and diseases, but desires and desperation break through with an insane optimism that welcomes all audiences into a new dawn of depravity. From how to reinvent the movie business, to embracing stupidity in an intellectual way, and even to going beyond the limits of sexual transgression, John Waters, the man the press has called "The People's Pervert," will mutate your madness into hope and lead you to a joyous delirium ever after.

March 2-5 - Berlin, MD
Ocean City Film Festival

April 3 - Vienna, Austria

April 4 - Budapest, Hungary

April 7-8 - San Luis Obispo CA
John Waters’ Easter at Madonna Inn

April 22 - Portland OR
Aladdin Theater

April 23 - Los Angeles, CA
Luckman Fine Arts Complex

May 6 - Elgin, IL
Elgin Community College Arts Center

May 13 - Westminster, MD
The Carroll Arts Center

June 24 - Waldoboro, ME
The Waldo Theatre

July 1-2 - Oakland, CA
Mosswood Meltdown 2023

July 13 or 15 - Provincetown, MA
Soiree at the Sewer

September 8-11 - Kent, CT
Camp John Waters

Please note:
John Waters has asked us to let everyone know that he does not personally use any type of social media to communicate with fans. He is not on Facebook, he is not a Twitter user, he doesn’t do Instagram or Pinterest, and he doesn’t have a YouTube Channel. If you believe you are communicating directly with John or his staff through any digital outlet, you are not. Social Media pages from DreamlandNews.com and Atomic Books are good ways to find out what John is up to. Thank you.

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