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Where the legendary scene went down...

In this back alley in Baltimore, the most legendary Dreamland cast member of all made cinematic history - a feat never to be repeated by anyone ever. And in the words of director John Waters "who would want to?"

I'm talking about the shit-eating ending of Pink Flamingos, of course. To prove the Divine is indeed the filthiest person alive, she follows a poodle through the streets until it finally takes a shit. And then, in one fell swoop, no edits, Divine goes down - scoops up the poop in hand and slathers it all over her tongue, swallowing the crap while going down in history.

My lovely friend Alana Miller [pictured at left] told me that the spot is behind the original location of Atomic Books.

For more on this moment that turned Divine and John Waters into underground legends, read "SHOCK VALUE" by Waters, or check out Steve Yeager's documentary "DIVINE TRASH."

Painted on the sidewalk is the following message: "THIS PLACE DESIGNATED A MUSEUM: DIVINE! 1969"

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